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Feature Comments – WordPress Plugin

This plugin adds an option to Feature / Bury comments to the Edit Comments screen. On the frontend, it adds a ‘featured’ or ‘buried’ class to that comment

Download Feature Comments

Admin Panel

Feature Comments Admin 1

Feature Comments Admin 2


Feature Comments Frontend

Thanks to Chris Coyier for the idea for this plugin

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  1. Hi Utkarsh,
    very nice plugin.

    Before installing it on my blog, I tried your plugin in a localhost environment: it worked as expected.

    But it doesn’t on my online blog (with wp 2.9.1): the statuses of “featured” and “buried” aren’t stored in the database. I look into the db and I didn’t see the commentmeta table.

    Have I to add it by hand? Or can I made anything else? Also, consider that my wp table prefix isn’t wp_.

    • Hi Aldo,
      The data is stored in the table prefix . ‘commentmeta’. In the default case, it’s in the ‘wp_commentmeta’ table. commentmeta table is present by default in WordPress 2.9. Are you sure there is no table by that name in your install?

      • Yes, I’m sure. The first table is [DB_PREFIX_]comments.

        I just asked in the wp-hackers mailing list to know if the creation of the commentmeta table is part of the standard wordpress 2.9 upgrade feature. If not, it might be a bug in the upgrading process.

      • An update. Running an SQL query, I created the table and, obviously your plugin works well.

        I’d suggest to modify the check box into a radio button: or featured or buried.
        Anyway, nice work and much appreciated. :-)

        • The reason I didn’t make it as radio buttons, is that, in that case I’ll have to add another option to set it as not featured and not buried (i.e. normal comment). As this will be used only by admins, I don’t think this can cause any problems :)

  2. this looks great and i want to use it.
    i installed the plugin and i see the ability to bury or feature but then when i look at the site itself, the comments just look the same.

    maybe there is a conflict with another plugin? or why would it not change the look of the comment?

    only comment plugin i use is called “paginated comments”

    i have wp 2.9.1


    • The plugin only adds css class as I’ve mentioned above. It’s upto you to change the css (to modify the color or anything) as you want.

  3. I love this plugin!

    A new feature suggestion; a delete comment in x days/time feature. This would be useful when you want to trash a comment but not right now.

  4. Hi,
    Do you have a pot file for easy translation?
    Thanks :)

  5. I like the idea of this plugin! Have you considered a similar feature but for “featuring” certain commenters themselves, rather than just individual comments?

  6. I’m having a problem with the latest update. It seems I’m not the only one:

    Do you have any idea of what could I do to fix it? Thanks! Awesome plugin, btw :)

    Gonzalo González MoraApril 16, 2010 @ 4:13 amReply
  7. Great idea for a plugin! But I get an error;

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CLASS in …/feature-comments.php on line 32

    I am using wp v.2.9.2 and have tried with both 1.0.3 and 1.0.2 but get the same message. Any ideas how I can fix this?


  8. Would it be possible to show these actions (Feature/Bury) to admins in the frontend as well? (similar to how Ajax Edit Comments does). I tried it with a quick-n-dirty add_filter('comment_text', array('FeatureComments', 'comment_row_actions'));
    , but that didn’t seem to work :-(

    • Jean,
      That’s a nice feature suggestion. I’ll try to add it in the next version :)

      Utkarsh KukretiMay 17, 2010 @ 3:12 pmReply
  9. Another feature request: a visible pointer for featured/buried comments in the admin backend would be very welcome (or an extra filter action on top). It’s very hard to check out all previously buried comments atm. Maybe I can whip up something myself :)

  10. Couldn’t find anything myself to add custom classes to edit-comments.php, so hopefully you have more programming knowledge than me 😉

    Last feature request: can the bury/unbury, feature/unfeature action be made as Ajax call? (or at least prevent it from bumping to the top of the comment list), similar like Approve/Unapprove works?

  11. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the plugin.
    Is there any way to show featured comments randomly with widget on sidebar ?
    It would be a great feature I think.

  12. I still look for update for the widget:)

  13. Can this be used to in any way highlight my commentary on a news article that I’ve reposted?

  14. I am running WP 3.01, PHP 5.2.9, already did CSS modification but still can’t change the look of the ‘featured’ and ‘buried’ comment. No errors or whatsoever. What am I missing?

  15. Im confused, I Feature, a comment.. and what do i do from there, nothing seems to happen… I was hoping to have something like a Stick Comment, so my featured comments would remain on top of all comments. Am i missing something?

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